27 January 2010

10 little pictures that make me dreadfully happy...
{"i want a dog" edition}

WARNING: If you even slightly have an achilles heel for precious, cute & adorable kids & their kanines, do NOT proceed in looking at this post. I repeat DO NOT proceed. but if you must...then & only then...proceed with CAUTION. results could be catastrophic. before you know it you will find yourself at PetSmart getting all sorts of necessary & unnecessary gidgets & gadgets for the kanine kiddy you brought home last night after you reviewed the following highly dangerous material...

playlist for particular post:
1. "express yourself" by charles wright
2. "peace train" by cat stevens
3. "teach your children" by crosby, stills, nash & young

#1. hold me, squeeze me, love me

#2. shall we hit up 8th avenue park today?

#3. it's just one of those days, ok?

#4. promise we'll be best friends forever & ever?

#5. gotcha

#6. & you pucker ur lips like dis

#7. silly friends

#8. ...i'll race ya

#9. & would you like your bread buttered with that?

#10. two chubby babies

p.s. looking for the little moments that make your day?
i discovered this today.

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