28 September 2016

She Tries

Maybe this will be a short post maybe it will end up being a long one, I'm not sure haha.  I have no plan for this post other than to hopefully express something that's been on my mind and in my heart so much lately.  The other day my sweet sister Courtney posted a picture on her Instagram of 4 of her beautiful children playing at a kitchen table.  She is getting prepared to move her family from Japan back to United States.  She's not new to the process at all, as her husband is an Air Force pilot.  In getting prepared to move they move their furniture a month before they move themselves, so in the meantime they are given loaner furniture.  The picture she posted had her kids playing a game together at this new loaner table.  What she wrote on the picture left me in absolute tears. Not even going to try and sugar coat it and say "tear up".  Folks...I was a hot, sobbing mess.

"The other day, our things were packed away and loaner furniture was brought it.  I was sitting there in this strange new house feeling a bit sad and unhappy about having to go through so much change all the time when my kids ran though the door from school.  They took one look around the house that was making me so sad and yelled as they ran through the rooms, 'This is the best day ever!  Look at our new house!  Look at my new room!' My kids teach me a lot, but perhaps the best thing they teach me is how to be happy no matter what."

Lately I've really been trying to tune into my babes.  Especially my Reese.  She is so strong-willed and knows exactly what she wants.  But she is also a sweet, sensitive lil' thing.  I feel like I identify with her so much.  Which if any of y'all have kids that you see similarities in your behavior and their behavior it can be the most tender thing and also make you a little nervy aka nervous.  Lol.  Thoughts like oooohh dear, I don't want her to have this part of my personality!  Spare her please!  Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this way from time to time? 

You worry about what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.  You want your babes to have the world at their finger tips, but you don't want to spoil them.  You want to teach them their ABCs and 123s so they are ready for that first day of school that's forever away but not really because time flies ya know.  But you mostly want them to embrace childhood.  Jump in puddles, get messy, build forts, play pretend, chase them over and over again, watch movies, slurp up a melting ice cream cone.  You don't want to come down too hard on them or criticize.  But you want to teach them things don't always go the way they want them to.  You want them to be resilient. For them to be polite and pleasant.  To get along with others.  You worry you're keeping them from certain experiences.  You worry you're depriving them of fun.  But you want them to live simply and learn to find joy in the little things.

But then I read..."Perhaps the best thing [my kids] teach me is how to be happy no matter what."  If you take a step back and look at the big picture, your babies just want you.  They want your love and your happiness.  They are easy to please y'all.  They forgive quickly, love easily, and have the biggest imaginations.  They don't need things or lesson plans, they need time.  It's hard to remember that sometimes because it's so important to refuel yourself and have you time.  But it's a balancing act.  One I don't know if I'll ever figure out, but I'm so okay with that!  I'm okay with messy.  I'm okay with taking things day by day.  I'm feel like I'm being molded closer and closer to the kind of mother I want to be.  That mother isn't perfect nor will she ever be.  But she tries.

17 September 2016

On Growth

“One of a mother’s greatest gifts is to teach her child that to grow is not to timidly sit on some safe shore at water’s edge and clumsily grab whatever happens to float by. Rather, it is to deliberately step into waters both calm and turbulent in order to wrestle great things to shore. And that lesson can be best taught by a mother who stands before her child dripping wet.” 
(Craig D. Loundsbrough in "Flecks of Gold on a Path of Stone: Simple Truths for Profound Living")

A few videos from the last couple months:

14 September 2016

"Gratefuls" and Affirmations

I have been keeping an ongoing journal of things I'm grateful for and positive affirmations.  I take a few minutes every day or every other day or once a week depending on my level of dedication haha to write down a page of "gratefuls" and affirmations.  Some from today's entry:

I'm grateful for my knowledge of a higher power.  That there is a God.
I'm grateful for music that inspires and uplifts.  Mat Kearney will always have my young heart.
I'm grateful for my lover boy who is enduring and enjoying life with me to the end.
I'm grateful for my health.  For my strong frame.  For a newfound attitude of finishing what I start. 
I'm grateful for Rigg's bucktooth grin and snuggly disposition that soothes my spirit.
He is my angel boy.  He is my constant reminder of what truly matters most.
I'm grateful for a social media community that shares goodness and inspires people to do and be their best.

{Riggs 12 months old}

I will remember this season of life is short.
I will let go of negativity and embrace hope.
I will nurture my faith and not my fears.
I will love without boundaries.
I will use my hands to serve.
I will unplug when with the people I love.
I will open and close each day with an honest conversation with God.
I will laugh hard and often.

Journaling these things as often as possible has brought light in my life.  It cures any bad mood.  It lifts my spirits when they need to be lifted.  Give it a try!

08 September 2016

Ooooh Handsome Bubba!

In the morning when the kids wake up, I usually hear them chatting and playing for 15 minutes while I get their breakfasts ready.  This morning I heard Reese coo "Oooooh handsome bubba".  I say that to him when I come in to get them in the morning! It's so funny the things they catch on to!  It was also such a crazy reminder of how much your children are watching you and looking up to you.  It was a reminder for me to be kinder, more loving, speak more positively about myself and others, and just show greater love to peeps in my life.

I came across this picture when thumbing through some folders on our computer, and I was overwhelmed with #alltheemotions when I saw this picture!!!  Look at that sweet baby girl!  How is she so big already?  I can't handle it!  This picture was taken in December right around her birthday.  Her first birthday.  I remember SO vividly I asked Buns to take a picture before church because I never wanted to forget those special days when it was just me and Reese.  I was (and still am) such a brand new momma, and I was learning all sorts of crazy things about myself as a woman!! I was so happy in this picture.  Reese was all smiles and laughing like crazy that day.  Just looking at this picture, I swear I remember how I felt like I was glowing from the inside out!!  Which was saying something, because I was in the early stages of being preggers with Riggs.  And so far, the beginnings of my pregnancies do NOT go over well with me.  SO SICK ALL THE TIME.  But this day.  This was a good day.  A great day.  And I remember feeling so blessed for my sweet, happy Roni and to have another nugget on the way.  Could life be any crazier how things pan out!?

02 September 2016

2015 Year in Review

Doing this video was an emotional ride!  A whole 30 minutes of it haha.  I basically just threw together some random videos (with not much editing so sorry if some of the clips are annoyingly long) of our family from 2015.  I hope to do one of these each year for us, but we'll see!  Maybe next year I can get it done closer to the New Year. #doubtit  All of the songs mean a lot to Buns and I, and I guess I'm just grateful for my little family.  We're livin' on love, that's for sure!!!

//2015 Highlights// I hit the big 2-6, Buns hit the big 2-5, packed up and moved to South Carolina Buns' new job with Vivint, we met our Big Rigg on June 15th (all the heart-eyed emojis), Roni partied like a 2 year-old on December 19th, Buns and I continued to ride that parent learning curve like bo$$es (#thestruggleisreal), we moved back to our home in Provo after our summer in SC, and Buns started his last year of his undergraduate at BYU (woohoo!), and Riggs had his first Christmas! 

31 August 2016

Favorite Things

Lots of snuggling goes on in the corner of this couch.  And climbing.  And wrestling.  And snacking.  And hitting.  And jumping.  And laughing.  And crying. Today I'm grateful for this couch that creates a platform for those memories.  Reese has been into Lilo & Stitch lately, so we usually watch half of it in the morning together when Riggs is taking his morning nap.  Then Riggs wakes up, and we get kicked off the couch because he's been claiming his territory in the corner of it lately. Seriously.  He hangs out in that corner all the time.  It's hilarious.

Favorite things of my babes lately:

//Reese// Lilo & Stitch, climbing to the top of playgrounds, racing Daddy, wrestling Riggs, strawberries, greek yogurt, coloring in her princess coloring book, counting everything, the number 8, sorting shapes, the song from Aladdin that the genie sings, Tiana from Princess and the frog, Lionhart children's book, and fish.

//Riggs// Super Simple Songs from youtube, dancing, jumping, wrestling Reese, climbing into Reese's bed, tickle time, peaches, oatmeal with peanut butter, building blocks, digging in the dirt, jumping on the couch, reading books, animal sounds (lion is his specialty), and chasing Reese.

25 August 2016

Butts and Tears

Most evenings are pretty relaxed with Buns and I.  We love our games, our shows, and our laughs.  But occasionally (okay depending on the week, it might be nightly LOL) we have some good sit downs and talk about how we're doing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  What's going on personally for us.  As parents, spouses, family members, friends, church-goers, and disciples of Christ.  This was us after one of those conversations.  Not gonna lie, there were lots of tears on my part.  Life can be stressful sometimes, ya feel me!?  But after having a good long chat reminding ourselves what matters most, how we want to improve, and reminding each OTHER that we're doing the best we can.  Butts and tears had been wiped, mouths fed, cheeks kissed, books read, SO MANY disney songs sung, and bodies bathed.  And that's all it takes folks.

And of course, this song has been a favorite lately.  And always puts me in the best mood e'er.  Love it.  WARNING: Expression of my love for Buns in the following lyrics. ;) 

"So, you meet someone, 
the only one, 
you take [him] by the hand, 
make a stand, 
buy some land, 
make some love, 
and then babies come."